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This doctoral/postdoctoral school aims at providing a broad overview on variational approaches to the quantum many-body problem. To this scope we gathered a distinguished set of lecturers that will provide 6 mini-courses (including tutorials) on topical aspects of current research. The school is addressed to students/young researchers working in a variety of different fields including quantum condensed matter, AMO physics, quantum information, quantum field theory, etc.

The school is open to a maximum of 30 participants -- admission to the school requires the presentation of a poster in a dedicated poster session.

There are no registration fees, and we will be able to offer coffee breaks and some meals -- further local expenses as well as travel expenses are up to the participants.   



Federico Becca (Università di Trieste, IT): Projected Fermionic States

Markus Holzmann (CNRS, Grenoble, FR): Time-dependent Variational Monte Carlo

Saverio Moroni (SISSA, Trieste, IT): Projector Monte Carlo

Román Orús (Donostia International Physics Center, ES): Tensor Network States

Davide Rossini (Università di Pisa, IT): Variational Approaches for Open Quantum Systems

Luca Tagliacozzo (Universitat de Barcelona, ES): Variational Approaches for Lattice Gauge Theories



Deadline for registration and abstract submission: FEBRUARY 23rd, 2020 (extended deadline!)

Notification of acceptance: MARCH 2nd, 2020

Mon, March 30th (9am): beginning of the school

Wed, April 1st (6 pm): end of the school



Contacts & Venue

e-mail address: vaqum2020 <AT> sciencesconf <DOT>  org

Salle Condorcet - Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

1 Place de l'Ecole 

69007 Lyon, France

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Tommaso Comparin (ENS Lyon)

Fabio Mezzacapo (ENS Lyon)

Tommaso Roscilde (ENS Lyon)


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