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This doctoral/postdoctoral school aims at providing a broad overview on variational approaches to the quantum many-body problem. To this scope we gathered a distinguished set of lecturers that will provide 6 mini-courses (including tutorials) on topical aspects of current research. The school is addressed to students/young researchers working in a variety of different fields including quantum condensed matter, AMO physics, quantum information, quantum field theory, etc.

The school is open to a maximum of 30 participants -- admission to the school requires the presentation of a poster in a dedicated poster session.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the school will be entirely held online. The scientific program is the same, but the duration is extended to a full week to ease the attendance of the online lectures.




Federico Becca (Università di Trieste, IT): Projected Fermionic States

Markus Holzmann (CNRS, Grenoble, FR): Time-dependent Variational Monte Carlo

Saverio Moroni (SISSA, Trieste, IT): Projector Monte Carlo

Román Orús (Donostia International Physics Center, ES): Tensor Network States

Davide Rossini (Università di Pisa, IT): Variational Approaches for Open Quantum Systems

Luca Tagliacozzo (Universitat de Barcelona, ES): Variational Approaches for Lattice Gauge Theories



Deadline for registration and abstract submission: FEBRUARY 23rd, 2020 (extended deadline!)

Notification of acceptance: MARCH 2nd, 2020

Mon, July 6th  (9am): beginning of the school

Fri, July 10th (6 pm): end of the school



Contacts & Venue

e-mail address: vaqum2020  sciencesconf   org

The school will be held online. Information on how to connect to the online lectures will be further communicated to the participants.  



Tommaso Comparin (ENS Lyon)

Fabio Mezzacapo (ENS Lyon)

Tommaso Roscilde (ENS Lyon)


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